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Remember My Service (RMS) wants every Korean War Veteran in America to receive this Commemorative Set, to know how grateful we are as a nation for their contribution to the world, and to let them see in this set that their sacrifice was worth it. Through our “Never Forget” program, YOU can help us realize this goal by gifting a commemorative set to one of thousands of Korean War Veterans who have requested to receive it. Your gift will be delivered directly to a Korean War Veteran with a written, personalized message of thanks from you (optional). Thank one of these amazing veterans by purchasing a set on their behalf today!



Korea Reborn: This full-color, 165-page, 8.5×11-inch, coffee-table-quality book details the timeline of the war, its aftermath, and the rebuilding of the Republic of Korea, which has resulted in its transformation to one of the most powerful economies in the world. The photos and text tell the story from the perspective of both U.S. Veterans who served in the conflict and the Koreans who prospered from the freedom left in their wake. Beginning with the events that led up to war, through the ensuing battlefields across the Korean Peninsula, and ultimately the transformation from a war-torn country into a vibrant, prosperous nation, this book encapsulates why freedom is worth fighting for. To this day, the people of the Republic of Korea honor those brave veterans who served and sacrificed on their behalf. A reborn Korea is one that has risen from the rubble of war to be an economic world leader and a prized example of how freedom works. This story remembers the service and sacrifice of nearly two million Americans who fought and died in a foreign land, all for the sake of freedom.

The Remembered War: While the Korean War is often referred to as the “forgotten war,” this 60-minute feature documentary remembers and honors the men and women who fought, suffered, and sacrificed for a war-torn, distant land in desperate need of freedom. Amidst the backdrop of rarely seen archive footage from the Korean War, Veterans share their stories, recollections, and thoughts about the Korean War 60 years later.

Custom Message of Thanks: For every set you gift to a veteran, you can include a custom message of thanks from you or your family (optional).

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